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Figuring out how to design and make my own websites has been a long journey. While creating my sites, I have felt frustrated, angry, and confused, and often time I've yelled "WTF" a crazy number of times. Now, I did not set out to become a web designer and call myself a pro in this game but I've learned a few tips and tricks on how to use this platform. What I have found to be the most challenging experience is keeping my work organized and sticking to a posting and updating schedule. What I enjoy most about this learning experience is the refreshing feeling and nostalgia of feeling like I am fourteen building out my page on myspace in the 2010s. I often think about that time while I redesign my site for the 10th time in a week. It helps to not take myself too seriously while figuring out a design because the stress of how things should be is too heavy for me to carry. And frankly, I enjoy going against the rules in creative fields. So let this be my first blog post about how the process of making a website might look simple while in reality it is a bit complicated and can be stressful yet fun. Also, I am still learning how blogging works. Maybe it's also just a myspace thing but in this world of images and videos, it's nice to read about the process and challenges of pursuing your creative goals. I hope this blog, as I figure it out, serves as an inspiration to you.

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